Enameled Wire, Leeds Line and Bare copper wire

1. Leeds Line: it is a conductor which composed of a plurality of individual insulated conductors twisted or braided. Typical applications include: high-frequency inductors, transformers, converters, fuel cells, motors, communications and IT equipment, ultrasound equipment, sonar equipment, televisions, radios, induction heating, etc.

2. Bare copper wire: It has good conductive property. So it can be used in a large number for the manufacture of wires, cables, brushes and so on. Because of good thermal conductivity, it always is used to manufacture beware of magnetic interference magnetic instruments, meters, such as compass, aviation instrumentation and so on. Because of good plastic pole, it is easy to hot and cold pressure processing, can be made into tubes, rods, wire, strip, strip, plate, foil, copper. Copper smelting products and processed products are two kinds.

3. Enameled Wire: It is one of the main varieties of the winding wire. It consists a conductor and an insulating layer.

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