What are the Features and Classification of Common Enameled Wire(2)

(3)Polyurethane enameled wire: Heat level rates 130,155,180,200. The biggest feature is a linear welding resistance, high frequency performance. And it is easy to be colored. It also has good moisture resistance performance, widely used on electronic appliances and precision instruments, telecommunications, instrumentation, mechanical strength. The weakness is low heat resistance, bad production flexibility and poor adhesion of large-size line, so the product's specification is always medium or fine wire.

(4)Polyester-imide / polyamide enameled wire: thermal level is 180. The product has high shock resistance, high temperature softening breakdown, good mechanical strength, solvent resistance and refrigerant properties. The weakness is easy to hydrolysis in the closed condition.it is widely used for high heat-resistant electrical, electronics, instrumentation, power tools and other power dry-pressed winding.

(5) Polyester-imide / polyamide-imide enameled wire is currently more widely used in the world. The heat level is 200. The product has high heat resistance, anti-freezing agent, resistant to cold, excellent radiation-resistant properties, high mechanical strength, electrical performance and stability, good chemical resistance, resistance to freezing agent performance and strong overload capability. It widely used in the next refrigerator compressors, air conditioning compressors, power tools, explosion-proof motors and heat, cold, radiation-resistant, overload conditions such as use of electrical, electronics.

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