National Grid Transformer Magnet Wire Projects Settled in Jurong

Jurong United Copper Co., Ltd. successfully achieved the 1 million-volt transformer magnet wire production project of the National Grid. This is the successful business since 2008 into the National Grid UHV Permits will become one of the few domestic manufacturers with production and technical capacity of the project, the first for the province.

It is understood that the one million-volt high-voltage wire product is currently the highest level, the maximum capacity, the project of the longest transmission lines, but also joint copper invested more than 500 million, independent research and development of successful projects of high-tech products. In recent years, joint copper initiative to establish cooperative relations with Southeast University and other famous universities and research institutes of 10 million yuan, annual funding for product development and technological innovation. Enterprise built provincial engineering technology centers, with 25 granted patents and 10 provincial and ministerial-level high-tech products, been identified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2011.

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