From “Traditional Manufacturing Sector” into “Smart Manufacturing Sector”

China's manufacturing sector has got a big and beautiful achievement during these years for the country’s and the world’s economy. China is expected that it will become the largest manufacturer in the world by 2025.

It can be said that China has turned into a big manufacturing country but hasn't been a high end one.

There are several problems as follows:
1, Weak independent innovation ability
2,High reliance on foreign countries’ core technologies
3. Low use efficiency of resource

Premier Li Keqiang recorded on March25 China's plan to pay attention to these three issues also to upgrade its manufacturing capacity for the next decades, leading China inside a more competitive globally manufacturer. This insurance coverage, "Made in China 2025", aims for a greener and much more intelligent manufacturing by using the internet, improving innovation ability, include informatization, industrialization and go ahead and take economy towards an elevated sustainable growth.

Ten sectors have being best known as priorities:
1. New research technology
2. Top end numerically-controlled machine products and robotics
3. Aerospace equipment
4. Ocean engineering disabled and ships rich in technology
5. Complex railway traffic disabled
6. Energy downloading it and new stamina vehicles
7. Cost equipment
8. An innovative materials
9. Natural medicine and high-performance medical devices
10. Farming production machinery

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