2012 Wire and Cable Industry Analysis Report Summary

2010-2012 China wire and cable export volume increased year by year, but the increase gradually narrowed in 2012 exports amounted to 1.937 million tons, an increase of 3.4 percent, compared to 2011 decreased by 4.5 percentage points increase. Consistent with the trend of exports,2010-2012 China wire and cable export growth year after year, an increase year by year narrowed in 2012 exports reached $ 17.43 billion, an increase of 12.5 percent, an increase compared with 2011 decreased by 7.7 percentage points.

Hong Kong, the United States, Japan is still the three major export of wire and cable market. Thailand's share increased significantly.
Hong Kong, the United States, Japan is China's wire and cable three major export market, in 2012 China accounted for wire and cable 16.30 percent of total exports,15.71%, 15.22%. 2012 compared to 2010 increased by 47.35%, 32.47%, 25.15%.

Judging from the growth in exports, 2010-2012, China's fastest growing exports to Thailand, in 2012 compared with 2010, an increase of 83.35%, followed by Singapore, an increase of 58.88%.

From a market share in terms of the changes, Thai exports in China's wire and cable market share increased year by year, India and the United Kingdom decreased year by year.

Power cable, HDMI cable, patch cords, fiber optic, coaxial cable, copper wire, cable homebuyers concern
Nearly three months of Chinese manufacturing network data, Wire and Cable wire and cable industry is the highest heat two key words to search. Cable search volume is the third largest of Cable Wire searches for nearly five-fold.

From the words involved in the breakdown products of view, the most talked about wires and cables are: power cable, HDMI cable, patch cords, fiber optic, coaxial cables, copper wire, cable, wire and cable related products with HDMI Converter cable ties.
The top ten countries of wire and cable industry attention, are India, USA, UK, Nigeria, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Bangladesh.
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