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0.20-0.30mm 130C Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire For Ceiling Fan Coil Winding View All 0.25-0.50mm 130C Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire For Electric Motor Coil Winding

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EIW 180C Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire; EI/AIW 200C Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire; AIW 220C Enamelled copper clad aluminum wire; Magnet Wire (Magnetic wire) 130C Aluminum Magnet Wire; 180C Aluminum Magnet Wire; 200C Aluminum Magnet Wire; 130C Copper Magnet Wire; 180C Copper Magnet Wire; 200C Copper Magnet Wire; Winding Wire. …

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Enamelled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (ECCA Wire) using pure aluminum wire as conductor , and covered with insulating material in high temperature oven, Enameled AL. wire has the characteristic of high break down voltage and high strength. The most widely used enameled wire products, which are widely used in all kinds of electronic, motor ...

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1) The cost of aluminum wire is 30-60% lower than copper wire, which saves the cost of production. 2) The weight of aluminum wire is only 1/3 of copper wire, which saves the transportation cost. 3) Aluminum has a faster speed of heat …

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Enamelled Aluminum Wire (EAL Wire) PEW 130C Enamelled aluminum wire; PEW 155C Enamelled aluminum wire; UEW 155C Enamelled aluminum wire; ... Product Center High Quality Products Leave a Message Enameled Aluminum Wire. Contact Us E-mail: [email protected] 130C Copper Magnet Wire Manufacturers. 0.13-0.40 2PEW Copper Magnet Wire.

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Enameled Round Aluminum Wire Diameter Range (mm): 0.3-6.5; Diameter Range:AWG2- AWG32, SWG3-SWG35 Thermal Class: 130C, 155C, 180C, 200C, 220C

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Enameled Rectangular(flat) Aluminum Wire,Diameter Range (mm): thickness: 0.80-5.60mm width: 2.00-16.00mm Width/thickness ratio:1.4<w/t<8.0 Thermal Class: 130C, 155C ...

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STANDARD ALUMINIUM. Standard Aluminium Industries was founded by Mirza Hameed Ahmed in 1985, Its one of Pakistan’s leading Aluminium Extrusion industry. It has. Anodizing process. Billet. Casting. Aluminium Door & Window Sections Angle Strips Channel Rods Brass Rods, Pipes, Strips Copper Rods, Strips, Wire Rope.

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2021-8-5 · high quality 180 class super enameled copper wire in bangalore. super enameled aluminum round wire for driver motor. 200c magnet ecca 1.20mm. aluminium wire prices. super quality enamelled aluminum wire indonesia. 3.38mm enamel insulation aluminum wire for generator. class220 transformer copper winding wire.

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130C Enameled Aluminum Wire Pakistan /imagesxinyu-enameledwire.com0.50-0.80mm 130C Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire For Washing Machine Coil Winding ...xinyu-enameledwire.com0.50-0.80mm 130C Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire For Washing Machine Coil Winding ...xinyu-enameledwire.com0.50-0.80mm 130C Polyester Enamelled Aluminum Wire For Washing Machine Coil Winding ...alibaba.comPew 130 Enameled Aluminum Wire/eal/ecca/cca/ccam - Buy Pew Enamelled Round Copper Wire ...xinyu-enameledwire.comQZY-2/180 Grade 2 Round Enamelled Copper Wrire-Xinyu Electrical Material Co.,Ltd.
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