aluminum strips for transformer 1060

Transformer 1060 O Aluminium Foils Strips For …

Transformer 1060 O aluminium foils strips for transformers winding is a kind of pure aluminum foil strip, the content of aluminum is more than 99.6%, price is cheap.

1060 Aluminum Strip for Transformer

2021-8-4 · 1060 aluminum strip for transformer is usually made of high quality pure aluminium 1060. Its conductivity is higher than that of iron, and its quality and cost are lower than that of copper. High quality 1060 aluminium strip with smooth surface and no burr is the key raw material for manufacturing transformer winding.


Aluminum Strip For Transformer - aluhc . Feb 07, 2021.The 1060 aluminum strip for transformer belongs to the pure aluminum strip product. The aluminum content reaches 99.6% above.With good elongation, high conductivity and good heat dissipation, 1060 transformer aluminum strip is the most commonly used material in aluminum strip products.

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The 1060 Aluminum Strip for Transformer Winding has a smooth surface, free from scratches and impurities. Electrical Conductivity. Transformer windings made of 1060 O in annealed condition is guaranteed to be better than 61.5 % ACS. 1060 Aluminum Strip …

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