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2021-3-8 · The advantages of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire a. Compared with the copper enameled wire, enameled aluminum wire is easier to winding, also there is a solid oxide film on the surface of enameled aluminum wire, which …

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2020-3-19 · Enamelled flat aluminum wire available size ranges from 2-80 mm². 130, 155, 180 degree flat enamelled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil. 240 degree flat enamelled wire for magnet coils of aviation, military and …

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2021-3-8 · Tech information form of Flat Enamelled Aluminium Wire: Thermal class: B(130°C), F(155°C), H(180°C), H(+200°C), C(220°C), C+(240°C)

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